Welcome to Amazon! the one paged shrine dedicated to one and only Ziva David from the tv show NCIS. I wanted to do a tribute for her after I did my long all seasons included marathon, but I desisted, then on amassment it appeared the one-page-one-month for july and I decided that I could write something about her, being my favorite character from the show. One day maybe this will become a bigger shrine, but for now – here it is a one page shrine.

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This shrine is full of UNMARKED spoilers (the first 7 seasons, or better the last episode of the second season and to the end of season 7), so don’t want to be spoiled, do not read.

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At the first moment you think that this show is like all the others: investigation agency, dead people, because it’s NCIS, there is always navy involved. In almost all episodes there is a dead marine or similar and there I the investigation. What actually makes this show awesome is that there is a difference – the comic part. While normally all these shows are serious and everything, here the characters are thought in a way that it makes you really smile and sometimes even laugh (still can’t stop smiling when I think of a scene with Palmer doing an autopsy on a squirrel and Ducky being all serious with it’s Palmer’s first stand alone autopsy). But it also have moments where I just can’t not cry, for example every time I see how Kate died, or when they bring Ziva back from Somalia, I just have to cry.
I you want more about this show, go to Wikipedia.

Basic and Personality

Basic information on Ziva aren’t many, and it could sound strange being one of the main characters from the third season on. Some known facts are that she was born in 1982, and she is Jewish – not only because she is Israeli, but also she is always seen with the necklace that has a pendant of a David star (the one that disappears after the Somalia capture at the end of the sixth season and beginning of the seventh)

Some other known facts are that she has chosen alone to become a Mossad officer and that she was part of the Special Operations Unit (the one with assassins, sabotage and similar). Before becoming a Mossad she did her two years in the Israeli Army, because there even the female have to do it. She is really skilled as an assassin, and seems to love to point out how she is able to kill a person in way to many different ways with a clip, or that she actually killed someone with a credit card.

As a character she is quite different from other female character in the show and even other shows, because Ziva is shown as a strong woman, who knows how to deal with difficult things and doesn’t back up if she truly believes in something. Even thou she is beautiful and could be really feminine when she wants or is needed for the job, like working under cover, she still tends to dress in a more masculine way, probably because she feels better and because is more comfortable for the job she does. Aside the fact that it’s probably also because she was always circled by men in her life.

But on the other side, there hidden from the eyes of the most there is the sweetest person on the world. She doesn’t often shows this part of her, not having possibility of doing it, or simply she doesn’t want to appear weak or simply she wishes to show this only to chosen people, the ones, she can really trust.

Another interesting thing about her is that she speaks lot of languages, in an episode of the seventh season she claims to speak ten: Hebrew, Arabic, French, English, Turkish, possibly also Italian and German. When she speaks English – during the series, she shows that she has some problems with idioms, cultural references and similar – not understanding them at all, or simply thinking she can use the similar world for it. For example: there are few strings being tugged, while she actually thought about there are few strings being pulled.

Story of a Life

I doubt that I will be able to write much about the story of her life, there are only few knowing facts about her life, and those are told during various episodes.

Before coming to NCIS, we come to find out that she was born in 1982 and that she is probably a Scorpio, but more we don’t know. Her family is composed by Eli (her father and lately director of Mossad), her half brother Ari (whom she kills to protect Gibbs) and her sister Tali, who was killed during a Hamas Suicide mission. During her life in Israel she first was part of Israel Army and then she volunteered to Mossad where she was part of Special Operations Unit (known also as Metsada or Kidon). She traveled the world doing various missions, and during one of them she met Jenny Shepard, who was the one to take her in NCIS.

She came to America as Ari’s control officer, who went rouge and her mission is (we find about it only in the seventh season) to kill him and gain Gibbs’ trust. With that she becomes part of NCIS as a Laison officer and works with them gaining their trust and also changing with staying in contact with them. This arrangement keeps going till the end of the fifth season where she is sent to Israel and work in an undercover mission, that later in the episode we find out it’s connected to NCIS.

During the sixth season we come to see Ziva losing trust in Tony, because he killed (in self-defense) her boyfriend and doesn’t want to listen to him, leaving everything behind and going back to Israel where she accepts a suicidal mission, where she would definitely died if Tony, McGee and Gibbs didn’t come after her.

After being saved she must cope with her life and her believes, that leads her to resign from Mossad and apply to became an NCIS agent. To become one she needs to become an US citizen, and during the seventh season she does become one, and she also becomes Special Agent David.


Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo – the most unclear and also complicated relationship in Ziva’s life probably. I could probably sit here and write essays about the two of them and the beginning and what they went thru. If something is clear about those two is that they are friends, probably best friends. Their relationship has ups and downs, coming to the point where she loses her trust in him, but he never stops trusting her.

It’s difficult to decide what is that ties those two together, at the beginning, when Ziva comes to the NCIS, she isn’t really trusted, but then she is able to show to him that she is worth it, aside the fact that Tony isn’t the kind of guy who could actually resist her charms. As rocky as it started, because DiNozzo still was grieving about the loss of Kate, he still in the end gave the Liaison Officer a chance, even if it didn’t seem like that, but more we watch those two interact, we can see that it’s their way of communicating – taunting is the base of their relationship.

During the seasons we can see them coming closer, and then in the sixth season fall apart, when Tony tries to help her, and in self defense kills her boyfriend. She will understand the motives only later on in season seven. She comes to threaten to kill him, but he will not backup. When the news of her presumed death come to the NCIS, he wants revenge and when he sees her alive, he admits aloud that he couldn’t live without her. It’s quite a declaration.

The re-start is rocky, but Ziva finally is back trusting Tony, and they slowly re-built the relationship they had before – of great friends that care about each other and maybe they are in love, but those are only hints, because there is Gibbs’ rule 12 – no romantic involvement between co-workers. Still, the great thing about this relationship is that for the whole time they make you guess: are they involved secretly? aren’t they?

Leroy Jethro Gibbs – Ziva admits in the seventh season that Gibbs is a figure that comes nearer to a father figure, then her own father. She has a big attachment to him, even if at the beginning it didn’t seem so, because she was always used at hiding her own emotions, never letting them get out, because of the risk of compromising herself and her team.

They had ups and downs, as Ziva had with all of the team members, but they share an important secret and it’s that she killed Ari, to save him, even if later comes out it was her orders from her father. In the end the two of them are able to go over the problems and have really something that resembles a father-daughter relationship. The moment where it shows the most how much she actually cares about Gibbs is when he loses his memory, while he shows it during the last two seasons, that she is important to him as she is to the team.

Abigal “Abby” Sciutto – Abby couldn’t stand Ziva when she first came to NCIS, she didn’t want her there, she was still grieving for Kate and didn’t want Ziva to take her place. Their start was really rocky, probably the worst of all the starts Ziva had in the NCIS. Abby even had photos of her all ruined with a pen and similar. At some point they even slap each other. Sometimes especially in the third season there is big tension from Abby’s side, but later on, from the season 4, there seems to be a big improvement, and then they become great friends – I would say girl friends, because it’s hinted that they do girl stuff sometimes together.

Timothy “Tim” McGee – the relationship these two share, could be only of an older sister and younger brother, because that’s the way they act toward each other. They are friends, but at the same time Ziva helps Tony when he pranks Tim, while McGee feels the respect and maybe fear of a younger brother toward her. He is actually the first one who accepted her in the group, feeling relieve that he wasn’t the newest one anymore.

Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard – Ziva trusts him and goes to him when she has a problem or similar, it’s like her confident. The two of them have a great relationship, a friendship based on respect, not only because of the age deference but also because they love the knowledge each other have and can learn from each other.



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Why Ziva? – I fell in love almost the first moment I saw her. She is something beautiful, because she is really strong and tough but at the same time she hides an emotional person who craves for love. She is far from perfect, but at the same time she is. I find her so fascinating that I wanted to do a shrine for her for a long time.

Layout – The pictures for the layout are from the end of the episodes 7.13 JetLag, it’s a photo that Tony made in Paris while the two were there. I used for it Photoshop CS4 and Macromedia Dreamweaver MX.

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